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First Thursday in May

It’s late on the first Thursday in May. Do you know what this day is officially? It’s the National Day of Prayer. Today is the 64th annual celebration of this event. It began with the Continental Congress in 1775 praying … Continue reading

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No Camera Required

You really ought to get out of the city and spend an Independence Day in a tiny hamlet somewhere on the backside of America. The fireworks still pop, sizzle, bang and blow in such a provincial setting while the crowds … Continue reading

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I’m A Light Chaser. Are You One Too?

When I was thirteen, my daddy almost died. After that whenever I pointed out a sunset, he would glance towards it, shake his head in disappointment, and wander off whistling a tune about heaven. We always surmised that in the … Continue reading

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Sunset over a Quonset Hut

On this rainy spring day, it is nice to reflect on a sunset from another day here in my Northwest. We had traveled to Wenatchee to remember the life of my cousin, Albert E. Anderson, Jr. Later in the day, … Continue reading

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Albert E. Anderson, Jr. Celebration Day!

When the old year faded and this New Year began, I heard faint rustling like the swish of rayon and taffeta in the next room. Immediately, I recognized the flutter of anticipation and knew its source. I imagined that amidst … Continue reading

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October Walks–the macro and the micro!

Last summer, my guy and I escaped for 90 days of exploring America. He rode his bicycle many miles a day while I grabbed my camera and walked exploring the back roads and the small towns of America as we … Continue reading

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