FAVOR: A Daily Declaration

Anemone 11,001 Words on Favor:  A Daily Declaration

I declare the favor of God comes toward me today; it reframes my past; it refocuses my present; it releases my destiny; I declare Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, is perfect and unchangeable. He always has been; he always will be. He is my Savior. I declare Holy Spirit guides me into favorable pathways.

I declare the favor of God, the goodness and mercy twins, follows after me even through the valley of the shadow of death. I declare the favor of God is preservation to my right and on my left for the destroyer felling a thousand at my side and ten thousand at my right hand will not come near me. I declare the favor of God is below my feet as a sure, well-lit pathway of firm stepping-stones. I declare the favor of God is above my head as a cloud of protection by day and a glory flame of fire by night.

I declare the favor of God saturates me for Christ goes before me and after me; in me and on me; below me, above me and through me.

I declare my imagination is under the authority of the Word of God. My thoughts favor myself and others for Christ reigns in my thoughts. I take captive every imagination to the obedience of Christ. I recognize the power within me believing I can have whatsoever I can think on or ask for.

I choose to think on things that edify and encourage. I choose to think on things that are exceeding abundantly beyond my natural expectation or capability of achieving. If I can imagine it, God is way beyond it. I stretch my imagination to think big, bold thoughts that make me tremble before the extravagant heart of our Father. I stand transfixed between wonder and dread lest I minimize his magnificence.SONY DSC

I choose to believe in an exponentially magnanimous Father who loves me extravagantly, has every resource at his disposal for kingdom expansion through me, and whose generosity towards me knows no limitation. The Word of God renews my mind for I have the mind of Christ.

I declare my emotions bring favor to myself and others for I yield my emotions to Christ. I flow with emotions that favor righteousness, joy and peace in Holy Spirit. I take authority over my emotions bringing them into submission to the eternal will of our Father. I choose to command my emotions rather than have my emotions commandeer me.

I capture emotions that would strike out to kill, steal, and destroy. I release emotions so Christ’s abundant life flows through all that I think and feel, say and do.

I declare my words are Holy Spirit anointed words favoring myself and others for Christ dwells in my words; I speak only what I hear our Father say setting a watch before my lips that I might not sin against God.

I declare my actions are aligned with the Will of my Father bringing favor on all whom I touch today. My activities display the favor of God; my actions are aligned with Christ who is aligned with my Father who is full of faithfulness, mercy and compassion.

I choose to walk in mercy for mercy triumphs over judgment. I am called to have dominion over natural elements and generosity towards people. Today, I choose to excel in the grace of giving. I choose to see the best in those with whom I mix and mingle. I choose to speak the best about those with whom I have relationship. I choose to release the best for those in authority over me both politically and spiritually. I choose actions that will bring favor on those who trespass against me. I choose activities that release the beautiful flow of God’s favor in the world through me.


I choose the favor of God today. I choose to receive God’s favor. I choose to flow with God’s favor. I choose to believe that God is a good God and that Our Heavenly Father has immeasurable favor stored up for the righteous. I tap into favor that lies dormant in my family line. I draw from heaven’s storehouse the favor that is laid up for previous generations of my family not yet withdrawn. I respond to the open door and the heartfelt invitation to “come up here.” By faith, I reach into the heavenlies catching God’s view of his extravagant love for the family of man. I draw on my eternal account believing that my God-given dreams have magnificent resources in heaven to bank roll manifestation in the earth. I declare as in heaven so on earth.


I choose to be a conduit of favor for future generations. I look hundreds of years into the future, should Jesus tarry, believing that favor will flow to and through my family so mankind is blessed in each generation. I believe my family line has favor with our Father. I believe my family line will bless and not curse. I believe my family line will be the head and not the tail. I believe God has a destiny for each member of my family to a thousand generations of those who love him.


Today I choose the favor of God.

I choose to think on it. I choose emotions that support it.

I choose to speak of it.  I choose to act on it.

I choose the favor of God in every circumstance realizing favor sometimes appears as momentary disfavor only to be proven later as providential blessing sparing me from deep disappointment and long-lasting ill favor.

Today, I choose God’s favor. I declare it retains first place in my mind, my heart, my soul and my strength. I choose God’s favor for my neighbor as I choose it for myself.

I choose favor because I choose the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as my One-True Sovereign to whom I pledge my absolute fidelity.

I declare I am God’s favorite!

©2011 Marlee Huber.   For more encouraging words, subscribe to http://www.yourflourishinglife.wordpress.com                                                                                    Feel free to share this declaration keeping the copyright notice, author’s name and contact information with it.


40 Responses to FAVOR: A Daily Declaration

  1. Gloria says:

    Very inspiring and lifted my soul as well as my heart filled with the present of God. I touch and agree on your declarations. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My Lord this is a blessing to my soul.

  3. Patrick says:


  4. Jeffrey says:

    Thank you so much for this.

  5. winnie says:

    God has always bless is children in life all we need is just to praise him and thank him he will do more and more for us.

    • He is a good God. He is in a good mood. He awakens us each morning in hot pursuit of us–intentionally believing we will notice that His mercy and faithfulness is new every morning. And the cycle continues!

  6. lindiwe says:

    I like the declaration I will love to get the declaration every morning

  7. brokyle says:

    I just found your post. This is a blessing. Thank you for sharing.

  8. LETTY LIMON says:


  9. Blanca says:

    Send to our family

  10. Mamsie says:

    I read your declaration and i feel blessed already, amen. To God be the glory.

  11. Mpume says:

    I am so blessed this morning thank you Lord, you are so great and powerful. I also need your presence in me and my family, Lord.

  12. Thank you so much for these wonderful declarations!

  13. Amen!!! To GOD be the GLORY, HONOR and PRAISE FOREVER and ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you reminding me that I am highly favoured. I speak favour over my family in Jesus name!!!!!!

  15. Teresa Silva says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE The awesome declarations you have provided. I wanted to shout praises as I read them but I’m at work! Lol!! Thank you so much for reminding me of who and what I have in Christ!!! I am so blessed!! Please add me to the email list.

    • Hello Teresa, Thank you for your shout out on the goodness of God in the 1,001 words on favor. He is good! I do not have an email list, but you can subscribe to my blog. I am currently posting the backstory on a very short declaration that is also very good. Come join us. M

  16. Tuks says:

    Blessed by favor declaration

  17. precious says:

    Thank u so much,is very much ispiring

  18. happy to read such message very touches and very inspection

  19. Denise says:

    Pray for me for Gods favor in my children’s life

    • mfonobong says:

      I pray the supernatural favor of God to take over your children and all their endeavors in the name of Jesus….amen, May they continuously function in God unceasing flow of supernatural favor in Jesus name…amen!!

  20. Edna Loggin says:

    As a Newbie, I am permanently exploring online for articles that can aid me. Thank you

  21. Trilok Pradhan says:

    Wa its so blessings those who read an aoply in their life

  22. Nettie says:

    Thank you Jesus for leading me here. I shell Declare God’s Favor every day.

    • Thank you for your encouraging words. I am getting ready to publish this in a hard copy with photos and as an eBook. Your timely comment reconfirmed my decision to move ahead. This is the year of God’s favor! Be Blessed!

  23. Tolu Diya says:

    Awesome declarations.more grace ijn. .

  24. Tolu Diya says:

    Awesome.God bless u.

  25. Kristi says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful declaration. This was my first but certainly not my last. Blessings to you and those you love and care for.

  26. Pastor Barbara Collins says:

    How awesome! This is what I needed right now in this season. Thank you for these divinely inspired declarations!

  27. Harris says:

    Thank you! I needed this confession today, it blessed my house today and all that is in it under the sound of my voice in The spirit. God is an awesome God!!! Be blessed and keep inspiring others in their Faith to believe the the supernatural in God! Wont He Do It! The Year if the Lord’s Release- family, friends, finances, relationships. God is Well Able😁

  28. Taramatie Tewsrie says:

    Thank you. I am making this my daily declaration

  29. psycdoc68 says:

    This will be my morning inspiration right after reading the word…very moving!

  30. Shakie Jece says:


  31. Beautiful and impactful, thank you

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