And the meaning of good is…?

Many years ago as a twelve year old girl, I accompanied my father to a nearby city where he had been asked to preach. Before the service, we were invited to dinner at a parishioner’s home.

While my dad and the host visited and I sat and listened, the man’s wife prepared the dinner. I do not remember the conversation except that a man by the name of John G. Lake was mentioned. If you don’t know this name, this will mean nothing to you. If you do know who John G. Lake was, then you will know that I remember this event because John G. Lake’s daughter served us burned liver and onions.

It was a quiet meal, even awkward, as we navigated around blackened breading. An occasional chair scraped against the wood floor, throats were cleared, and no thank yous softly spoken at the prospect of seconds.

What I do remember is that Wilford Reidt presented my dad with Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the King James Bible. As daddy was pretty much a walking Bible encyclopedia anyway, he gave it to me.

I loved this huge volume, as big as a desk dictionary. It delved into Hebrew and Greek words journeying deeply into the memory of each meaning.

Keeping my promise, I will tell you what Strong says about good as in “God is Good.” Psalm 136:1

The word good in the Hebrew is towb. Towb means good in the widest sense. It can be an adjective or a noun and it is used both in the masculine and the feminine, singular and plural. It is quite an encompassing word.

What you need to know about towb is that it can be translated into a variety of English words. This is where I invite you to focus. Read through this list and now picture a Good God! 

  • What do you notice?
  • Are these the characteristics of a dog?
  • Are these the characteristics of someone who is only good and not better and best?

Meditate on this list for 24 hours or 24 days and then tell me you don’t want your mind to Awaken to Possibility so you can receive revelation of this Glorious God.

Here’s the list. You might read through the list substituting each of the following words for the word good as in God is Beautiful! God is Best!






At ease


In favor








Likes best













Well favored.

By the time you finish, I hope you will be grabbing your head and declaring at the top of your lungs~

Mind! Awaken to Possibility!


Marlee Huber ~ For Your Flourishing Life!


About Your Flourishing Life

As a child, Marlee Huber loved to ramble through gardens sampling juicy berries and delighting in the heady fragrance of roses. As an adult, she thrills at maintaining a country garden in the foothills of the Washington Cascades. Something happened in 2012 that changed everything for Marlee. She followed the love of her life as he bicycled across the continent from their home in the NW to his brother's home in the Virginia. Ninety days later she came home and has never been the same. After photographing the backroads and hamlets across America--all on auto, she came home and took an online photography course, read dozens of books on technique and vision and stepped out into a new career. Her passion is coaching young people to discover their brilliance. She calls it Life-Themes Coaching and during one nearly half-day session, she unpacks what makes you brilliant and one of a kind. Then she matches the discoveries with a photography session where she tells the story of your life with her camera. In her personal life, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother delighting in her flourishing family!
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2 Responses to And the meaning of good is…?

  1. Dan and Donna McKinnon says:

    Hi, Marlee,You mentioned your dad preaching, was he a preacher?Donna McKinnon

    Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 16:11:59 +0000 To:

    • Thanks for asking, Dan and Donna. My daddy was called into the ministry as a teenager and relinquished his earthly inheritance for an eternal one. He was a pastor, evangelist and soloist. I think the people he most loved ministering to were those who were shut-in by age and infirmity and incarceration. For several years, he taught a weekly Bible class at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, WA. He loved to visit nursing homes and hospitals and bring hope and joy through the Word and music. He also pastored in South Dakota, Montana, Oregon and Washington. I think at one time he had the whole Gospel of John committed to memory along with dozens of poems, songs and other scriptures. He was walking, talking, singing inspiration!

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