Good-bye to Rugged Individualism

Flourishing happens best in community where everyone generously lays their individual strengths in the center of the table and announces, “Here is my best. Receive it!”

How many times have you shared a dream, idea or project with a friend only to be told, “Go do it!”

“You should do it,” he exclaims with finger jabbing toward some far off vantage point. The suggestion is that you possess all the necessary ingredients for success. If you did, you wouldn’t have shared the dream with your friend! Duh!

Loral Langemeier writes that there are no self-made millionaires. Seth Godin declares that “Autarky is Dead.” Thank goodness voices are speaking up letting us know it is okay to “become more dependent, not less” as Seth writes in his three-line blog on the impossibility of self-sufficiency.

Thank you Loral and Seth!

About Your Flourishing Life

As a child, Marlee Huber loved to ramble through gardens sampling juicy berries and delighting in the heady fragrance of roses. As an adult, she thrills at maintaining a country garden in the foothills of the Washington Cascades. Something happened in 2012 that changed everything for Marlee. She followed the love of her life as he bicycled across the continent from their home in the NW to his brother's home in the Virginia. Ninety days later she came home and has never been the same. After photographing the backroads and hamlets across America--all on auto, she came home and took an online photography course, read dozens of books on technique and vision and stepped out into a new career. Her passion is coaching young people to discover their brilliance. She calls it Life-Themes Coaching and during one nearly half-day session, she unpacks what makes you brilliant and one of a kind. Then she matches the discoveries with a photography session where she tells the story of your life with her camera. In her personal life, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother delighting in her flourishing family!
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1 Response to Good-bye to Rugged Individualism

  1. Marjorie Roth says:

    Willing to share resources – each one flourishes.

    Inspiring words – thanks!

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